Pass the Cheese

We're pairing our craft beers with artisanal cheese from The Cheese Artisans Singapore to bring you a culinary pairing that is truly indulgent.

Come experience this one-day collaboration that is guaranteed to bring you delectable flavour and texture combinations.

Pairings are availble for pre-purchase here for $22+. ($25+ at the door). And we're giving away a FREE CUSTOM MADE TAP JUMBO PINT GLASS WITH EVERY PRE-PURCHASE! Simply collect it on the day itself with proof of pre-purchase!

The pairings available are

Light & Fruity

Taleggio with Modern Times (USA) | Lomaland | Saison | 5.5% (1/2 Pint)

Taleggio is a cow's milk cheese that been produced since the early 10th century in Bergamo, Italy. Although an aromatic cheese, its flavor is comparatively mild with an unusual fruity tang that marries well with the earthy, floral notes of Lomaland Saison beers.

Creamy & Tangy

Manchego 4M-6M with Deschutes Brewery (USA) | Fresh Squeezed IPA | India Pale Ale | 6.4% (1/2 Pint)

Manchego comes from the La Mancha region of Spain, where the milk is named after its Manchega breed of sheep. Aged for 4-6 months it is mild, creamy with hints of spice that pairs perfectly with the citrus flavour of Fresh Squeezed IPA.

Blue & Nutty

Cashel Blue with Mother Earth Brewing Co. | Sin Tax | Imperial Peanut Butter Stout | 8.10% (1/2 Pint)

Ireland's most famous blue cheese made by the Grubb family in Tipperary. Gentle and crumbly when young, maturing to a creamy full flavour with a gentle tang which makes a perfect complement to the creamy Sin Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout.

Hoppy & Smoky

San Simon Da Costa with Stone Brewing Co. (USA) | Stone IPA | India Pale Ale | 6.9% (1/2 Pint)

From the region of Galicia, in a small area called San Simón da Costa, this cheese is aged for 45 days and smoked on natural birch chips. Its texture is semi-hard and flavours mild but creamy with a lovely smoked finish. Pair this together with the hoppy sensation of Stone IPA for a savoury combination.

Sharp & Yeasty

Westcombe Cheddar with Orval Brewery | Orval | Belgium Trappist Ale | 6.2% (330ml Bottle)

16 months matured with smooth caramel and earthy flavours. Westcombe Cheddar is one of 3 Artisan Somerset Cheddars listed by the Slow Food Presida with European PDO status. The proper partner to the Orval Belgium Trappis Ale, a yeasty beer for a sharp tasting blend.

*Each pairing consists of one serving of cheese and one half-pint of beer except for the Sharp & Yeasty pairing which will consist of one serving of cheese and a bottle of beer.

Don't miss out on this exclusive one day event! Buy your pairings now to avoid disappointment!

Pass me the beer and cheese please!

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Sat Mar 26, 2016
7:00 PM - 11:59 PM SGT
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TAP Craft Beer Bar, Capitol Piazza, 15 Stamford Road, 01-K1/K2, Galleria
Light & Fruity SOLD OUT $23.50
Creamy & Tangy SOLD OUT $23.50
Blue & Nutty SOLD OUT $23.50
Hoppy & Smoky SOLD OUT $23.50
Sharp & Yeasty SOLD OUT $23.50
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TAP, Capitol Piazza, 15 Stamford Road, 01-K1/K2, Galleria Singapore